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Originally Posted by BrightEye View Post
Finally, Fiowall8, here is your drawing.

Over the past 4 weeks or so this female warrior has come up in my drawings and a story is starting to unfold. At first I thought the story was just for me, but this warrior seems to have taken on a life o her own and is telling other people's story too. Even in this thread she has appeared a couple of times already with Flames's Amazon and the drawing I did for galaxys4.

Here she appears dressed for battle after a hiatus. This warrior has appeared curiously armless from the start, almost trapped in her armour, wanting nothing more than to be free of its restriction. But here she is, once more into the breach. I see her as modern woman, professional or housewife, always having to fight, perhaps always kind of lonely and on her own. She fights well and looks good in her armour, but maybe that is not what she wants. Maybe she wants to be weak, wants someone, a lover perhaps, to be stronger than her. Above all, she doesn't want to be alone.

I wanted her to be like a comic book super-hero but she didn't quite turn out that way. I don't know if you feel you have to fight all the time, that you don't get a break, that there is no time to take off your armour because you might be ambushed. Your screen name matches that, I think. It sounds like 'fire wall', which is what the woman's armour might also be.

Does any of this resonate?

I can't thank you enough! You have a wonderful gift and I am so grateful to have been able to receive a reading from you.

Curiously, you posted this 7 hours ago (when I checked it) and I was your 19th reading. My birthday is 7/19. How cool!

This resonated deeply and it exactly describes where I've been, where I am right now and where I very badly want to go.

you did an amazing job. The drawing is beautiful and speaks to my heart! Your interpretation is right on. Do you use watercolor?

It's all true. :-)

Thank you so, so much, Brighteye!
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