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Originally Posted by tarotbear View Post
I dislike it because 'there has to be a better way'; I have compared MS PAINT as trying to duplicate the Sistine Chapel Ceiling with a Q-Tip. Unfortunately, all I have is MS Paint and changing to GIMP or something now means the possibility that things won't match. (I really do wish PAINT had layers - I've done some cool skies but without a layer, trying to get cloud shading to show through 10 Wands is a PIA!)
LOL and I thought I was old school MS PAINT yeah that is a Qtip. Seriously, at least try to match in GIMP, you may be able to and it is FREE and has layers! It is not hard to learn, I mean, the first few times I swore like a plumber pirate, but I do that anyway!

I agree how the coloring changes the cards dramatically, as mine too were designed as non-colored images by default, being drawn with what is basically a fine line Sharpie. I want to do a black and white pre-colored version just because I like the way they look that way as much as colored.
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