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Originally Posted by Babalon Jones View Post
White out for mistakes? Brilliant. I was not allowed to make mistakes, lol, working on frosted mylar, white out would have shown. So I just held my breath every time I drew a line, haha.
I think it was a medium and not a fine point Flair pen - but if it was the tips wear down fast from friction against the paper. Hard to draw fine lines and small details and many were indistinct with the Flair or I had to eliminate them entirely. What a joy to go to digital and be able to clean up those images.

However, the scanned black lines - AYE-KY-AYE! What looks like a strong black border line in ink transformed in digital into a mosaic of squares in different black tones~! The same for black hand-lettering! It might have been different had I used India Ink but this was a learn-as-you-go process.
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