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I wish I had known from the outset, the likelihood of your 'partner' deserting the project after a year of work had been invested.

All I was left with were sketches that were too rough for me to do anything with. I had purchased the art materials and had also completed a comprehensive book for the deck, including a work book section - 256 typed pages of A4 sitting on my PC as a word document, never to be used. I had even offered to do the colouring of the deck but he declined, wanting to do all the artwork himself.

I think it showed me that there is no guarantee that both parties will follow through, and that trust plays a huge part when working with another. I have now learned the only way to go is to do it myself. Due to the fact I have the artistic ability of a dismembered gnat in the throes of a seizure, it ain't happening. Yes, I know it doesn't have to be a Michael Angelo, yes I know I could learn to draw through lessons etc. It would not be to the standard I want, and what I have as an image in my head. I did art at school - I know my ceiling with ability and it is low. So please, do not suggest that.

It is always a treat to see a finished product when it comes to tarot. I know how much work, sweat, tears, sleepless nights etc go into it. That is why I would hesitate to be overly critical of any creation. They deserve respect, and the creator does always warrant at least a pat on the back.
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