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Originally Posted by shadowdancer View Post
I wish I had known from the outset, the likelihood of your 'partner' deserting the project after a year of work had been invested.

All I was left with were sketches that were too rough for me to do anything with. I had purchased the art materials and had also completed a comprehensive book for the deck, including a work book section - 256 typed pages of A4 sitting on my PC as a word document, never to be used. I had even offered to do the colouring of the deck but he declined, wanting to do all the artwork himself.

I think it showed me that there is no guarantee that both parties will follow through, and that trust plays a huge part when working with another. I have now learned the only way to go is to do it myself.
It is always a treat to see a finished product when it comes to tarot. I know how much work, sweat, tears, sleepless nights etc go into it. That is why I would hesitate to be overly critical of any creation. They deserve respect, and the creator does always warrant at least a pat on the back.
I couldn't agree more with this i just wanted to add my own thoughts i paint in my spare time and have been working on my own deck creation for nearly a year, but i still do not feel confident enough to show my work in public although i have been told my work is good? I also wanted to address what the other poster had said about creators who might design lame themes and ideas with tarot? i have seen plenty of deck creations on AT and i think many of these have potential to be published one day, what we should appreciate is the undertaken of such commitments and even though we might not like the main concept ideas or theme to a particular deck we should not be to critical, but instead enjoy the progress that goes along with creating 78 pieces of Art work?
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