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Originally Posted by tarotbear View Post
It is not the 'size' of the image but the 'proportion' of the image that is important. The aspect to aspect ratio needs to be maintained. You could do each illustration on a 2' x 3' poster board if you wish - which will make a decent poker-size image when reduced but will be too wide for a tarot card-size image when done. This is why a couple of us here say that you should find a printer 'before you begin' and see what size is best for image reproduction before you design images that are too wide or not tall enough. If the company's Tarot cards are 3" x 6" you can create your images 12" x 24" and still have the correct ratio for reproduction.

BTW - many companies use PNG files for their cards, so make sure you save your images in the correct file form to save yourself having to convert them later.

IMHO - there is a particular Russian deck out there that claims the images were painted the exact finished card size with a brush with a single hair - I think that's a load of CRAP!
I don't think I was clear in my post, I mean its going to be impossible to cram all the detail you want into a poker sized workspace
Thats all I meant, but proportion is very important as well.
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