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Druidcraft study group - Princess of Pentacles

Some notes from my journal:

This Princess is quite stocky, sturdy.
She has a very firm stance, big, solid feet.
Red cloak - rich looking, it has an ebroidered hem - expensive looking. Says she likes the finer things in life, posessions.
Red - passionate, healthy, strong, confident, courage.
Green dress - green is a colour of new growth, fertility, the Earth element. Used in money spells, spells for increase.
Square pattern on her dress - squares are solid, linked to the number 4 - Earth, solidity, structure, logic, boundaries, power.
She's really studying her pentacle.
Silver birch tree - new beginnings.
The sky is deep blue - it's winter now
Either dawn or dusk
Spiral patterns on the rocks - symbol of the Universe - shows that all things are cyclical, nothing ends, death / rebirth
She looks like a girl who likes to be outside, she looks like a bit of a tomboy.
There's moss on the rocks and on the tree - slow movement.


Sulis xx
Is that a buriel chamber that she's standing near?
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