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Originally Posted by Sulis
Some notes from my journal:

Green dress - green is a colour of new growth, fertility, the Earth element. Used in money spells, spells for increase.
Square pattern on her dress - squares are solid, linked to the number 4 - Earth, solidity, structure, logic, boundaries, power.
There's moss on the rocks and on the tree - slow movement.
Sulis, I hadn't thought about the square pattern in the Princesses dress, 4, nor about the moss equating with slow movement. Love these insights!

Did anyone notice the markings on the rocks next to her foot? The almost look like birds in flight, possibly symbolic of grounding those ideas in her head? Do I see another bird type pattern on the top rock of those piled behind her?

She does seem alot younger than the rest, Keslyn, I noticed that too. As of yet have no insights..Will be interested to hear whatothers think..

These court cards really do come to life!

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