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Originally Posted by JOdel View Post
Q: are you scanning the black and white drawing and colorizing it in MS Paint, or are you colorizing in analog and scanning in the colorized version? Does your scanning software give you any color correction latitude, or other features? The more correction you can manage to do *in the scanning* the less you will need to twiddle with in the application that you use to edit the image. Editing loses data. Scanning collects it. If you collect more in the first place, you have more to work with.

Is there a color balance feature anywhere in either your scanning software or your image editor? The opposite of yellow, in RGB is blue. Nudging the image toward blue might concievably help, but it might also just make the mess worse. How much time and expense are you prepared to devote to this? You might do better just finding a different printer, or asking the printer to correct the excessive yellow.
The B/W drawings were scanned and then colorized in PAINT; they were not colored and then scanned.

Oddly - the samples I did for my Majors Plus Four teaser deck were produced by Printer's Studio and their colors look exactly like my colorized images. Unfortunately, PS does not have a box, nor do they market your deck ... So I am considering the color problem to be part of the trade-off for having a box and not having to become the middleman for the sale of my deck.
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