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I have been a bit busy lately so I am late in coming here.. apparently I am not the only one. Majecot looks around for the troup leader What happened to TygrEyes? Where did you go?

The Princess of Pentacles is definatley much younger than the other princess', But you can see by the studeous look on her face that she is much older than her years would imply, and not to be taken lightly.
I love the glorious richness of her wardrobe. She looks as if she is contemplating the pentacle in her hands as tho there are words or symbols written on them.
The key words given in the book are Studious, Self-Reliant, and Good natured.
She does appear to be all of those things.
I wish I knew more about the symbols behind her, it seems like it might be a temple of sorts or perhaps someones tomb?

Is that a face I see in the three in this one also or is that my imagination?

In comparing the court cards, I notice the artist has taken great care in representing them as family members, taking the parents features and combining them to create what can be taken as off spring. This princess appears (to me) to have the features of the Queen, and the coloring of the King. Much like what you would find in many familys.
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