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Yes, for me it seems more natural to count the first sign with one and the sextile is the third sign, square the 4th and trine the 5th.

The difficult thing for me is indeed to spot and calculate the applying aspect. I think it is a lot of mental arithmetic that should come as a second nature,. But for me it is snail work.
Then, there are the other planets around that can interfere with the two planets in the question, which can make aspects before or in turns. I am not even able to solve a horary chart in one day, I have to look and check every planet, to look again and so on and in the end I am still not sure I saw the right thing.

You offer short cuts in understandings, like the clues about the speed and the position of Mars Saturn and Jupiter vs Sun, very helpful, would never thought of it myself, too advanced. Probably I will grasp later one why is this (the trine thing, at the maximum extension of Venus and Mercury I get it why they slow down, they turn R, now I have to find what is that maximum).
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