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Knight of Swords? Please tell me you are joking! No, you aren't - it's the deck having a laugh (which it does frequently). This is the "OH NO" card for me and Alex. It's the one that we could NOT do - the deck was almost published with no Knight of Swords, it was that hard for us - we tried many things and none of them worked. The one day, I realised that all along it had to be the scary but oh-so-effective Duke Wallenstein. About whom we were recently told a story. His BATHROOM was a Gothic grotto - complete with demons, snakes etc. A lady who is works at his palace told us, she has been into the bathroom (I wish she'd take us). Anyway, I digress, but it gives you an idea of what a strange and imaginative man he was. Flaming red hair too. Believed passionately in horoscopes.

Okay, I'll stop here and go and find the right thread.

I do mean it though, Tarot of Prague has a wicked sense of humour.
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