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Originally Posted by Majecot
I wish I knew more about the symbols behind her, it seems like it might be a temple of sorts or perhaps someones tomb?

Is that a face I see in the three in this one also or is that my imagination?
I also see a face in the birch tree, but I must admit the tree also reminds me of the king of wands in rabble's Garden Path Tarot, it looks a lot like this one but has a more distinctive face.
(you can find it in the deck creation forum)

I think the stones are a tomb but I am not sure. The spirals on one of the stones remind me of the spirals on the Rebirth card, but that one has a lot more spirals (6 are visible but there are probably more), this one has only 2 spirals and I think that has significance too, but I wouldn't know what.
As pentacles stand for solidity, maybe it stands for being in touch with her ancestry. She is standing on the ground of her ancestors, building on what they gave to her.
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