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JMD's Reading the Marseille Tarot- Chapter 1, Introduction

Welcome everyone! This is the first thread, focusing on the Chapter 1, the Introduction, as well as a bit of background information on the study group.

Quick background information:

- This study group is for anyone who is working through Jean-Michel David's book, Reading the Marseille Tarot. You can read a little about the book here: and there is a link to, where you can purchase the book either in e-book format or a softcover book.

- This book uses the Jean Noble TdM as its focus. You can find this deck at the Flornoy's website here: or at Tarot Garden.

- The book is split into 30 chapters (including the Introduction) and I had thought to post a new thread about every week to 10 days, depending on how quickly we seem to go through the material. If every 10 days works better for everyone, that is fine with me as well! The book is meant to be self-paced, so don't stress if you're getting behind. Just post when you can.

- If you're reading this thread months after the group began, please join us anyway! I'm sure there will always be new folks picking up this book and wanting to learn from it, and hopefully others will join in whenever they are ready!

So on to the content for Chapter 1!

Exercises in this chapter:
- Lining up the trumps (p.20)- simply lining up the trumps in sequence, noticing the French titles and any groupings that stand out to you

- Lining up the trumps in complementary pairs (p.22)- Lining up cards 10-1 on top, then 20-11 right beneath them (so that La Roue de Fortune is above Jugement, L'ermite is above Le Soleil, and so on). Noticing how each card in the pair complements the other. JMD focused on how each of the top row cards is an outer manifestation of the inner layer of the card just beneath it. Other associations can be made as well. (For this exercise, Le Fou and Le Monde are not used.)

- Lining up the suits- Again, simply laying out the cards and just looking. Looking at the Batons together, then the Coupes and so on. Also, you can lay out all of the Aces, all of the 2's, etc. Just seeing how each suit develops, including the court cards

Possible points of discussion- These are just some of the things touched on in this chapter, and I'll elaborate on my own thoughts in another post. But feel free to discuss anything that comes to mind after reading this chapter! This is just what I myself noticed and thought might make for good conversation. And of course the exercises can be discussed as well!

- TdM I vs. TdM II- how to tell the difference, which you find yourself drawn to

- Roman numerals- In the Noblet, the Roman numerals are additive. So IV is not four; it's six. Four would be IIII. (Maybe it's just me, but I'm still getting used to it! lol)

- Regular day and time for study- JMD suggests setting one up as we begin this study. Are you doing this or will you just fit in in whenever?


Thank you to everyone who is joining us! I hope we learn a lot from each other. Please, at ANY time, feel free to offer input and suggestions to make our group better. Also, let me know if you think the week to 10 day time period is appropriate!
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