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Lining up the trumps in complementary pairs

The idea of lining up the trumps 10-1 and 20-11 and seeing connections was my favorite part of this chapter. JMD says that there's many ways to line them up and look at connections; this is only one way of trying it out. But still, my findings amazed me, lol.

Here were my thoughts:

- I, Le Bateleur and XI, Force- To truly act upon his will, Le Bateleur must first conquer his fears and the "beast" inside, his shadow self.

- II, La Pances and XII, Le Pandu- Both hold back, or withhold something of themselves. He seeks wisdom; she has obtained it. He waits to receive enlightenment and she waits to reveal it.

- III, Imperatris and Trump XIII- A mother is both loving and cruel, creation and destruction. She knows when to let her child go, when to step back. Trump 13 is La Mort, the ultimate letting go, but also the creation of something new from the soil.

- IIII, L'empereur and XIIII, Temperance- To be a real power, L'empereur must find balance. He knows when to show his authority and when to let matters lie. When to talk and when to listen.

- V, Le Pape and XV, Le Diable- Heaven vs Hell. Teaching vs. enslaving. Looking to God vs. seeking self-pleasure.

- VI, L'amoureu and XVI, La Maison Dieu- The lovers accept the possibility that it might all come crashing down someday. From above, Cupid's arrow or the hand of destruction?

- VII, Le Charior and XVII Letoille- To triumph, Le Charior must have known defeat, or at least the possibility of it, and has chosen hope instead. His horses mirror her jugs.

- VIII, Justice and XVIII, La Lune- Justice cuts through the confusion of La Lune. Acting consciously vs. the subconscious. Seeing clearly vs. seeing through a misty night.

- VIIII, L'ermite and XVIIII, Le Soleil- Light. The light that shows you the way to a higher truth vs. the simple light of happiness. Seeking solace in being alone vs. finding joy in being with another.

- X, La Roue de Fortun and XX, Jugement- We all have the chance to begin anew. The endless cycle of life. It's not over until it's over.

Just some of my initial ramblings. It was interesting to look at these pairs and see connections. Laying out the majors and the minors is something I do often, with any deck, but I've never done anything like this.
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