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JMD's Reading the Marseille Tarot- Chapter 3, The Pips

Welcome to Week 3 / Chapter3

Exercises in this chapter:
  • Flicking cards 1: Pips differentiated from courts & trumps --p45
  • Sequencing 1: Ace to King in various directions --p46
  • Batons: Which appear 'living' / floral details / 9 -- p47
  • Sequencing 2: Swords - 10 in the center with odds and evens --p53
  • Implements: Which hand holds what in pips and trumps? --p57
  • Flicking cards 2: Recurrences, gazes, cards as simultaneously both (upright & reversed) and as neither, connections. --p59
Some Issues Discussed:
  • Trumps as 'fifth suit'
  • Increase and decrease, and the various ways it can be considered
  • Batons as plants
  • Cups as containers (Ace as New Jerusalem)
  • Deniers as symbolic value (features of the 2 & 4)
  • Swords as weapons for combat / origin of hilts and decorations / (position of swords not held in hand)
  • Ace of Swords & Ace of Batons (heraldry)
  • Social classes represented

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