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Minderwiz, I bet you're sorrry I got a few free hours today but if you can just glance at my exercise with profections and releasing, I'll be vary grateful!

OK, so I haven't had any time lately to practise but I thought it would be good to refresh my memory now. I did release fro Libra, Pars Fortunae. In the middle of November there is a Loose of Bond to Pisces L3/4. I take it this will activate natal and transiting Jupiter, correct?

Natal Jupiter, if I remember correctly from your analyses, is not in his best shape, right? But he is in the 4th, whole houses, ruled by Mars in the 7th. Since I'm in the middle of some tough conversations with my ex, I hoped this could bode well re: family, relationships, etc? Pisces is also my 3rd house, so I hoped this would also ease communications, especially with relatives or similar, am I on the right pathy here?

More so, at the end of December this year I'm finally leaving the Aquarius L2. I'll still be in Capricorn L1 but the L2 will switch to Pisces, and again: activating Jupiter, yes?

At the time Jupiter will continue transiting my whole house 8th, it's natal 7th still but... He will turn retrograde and thus staying in Leo for more. Leo has my natal Saturn there but in the beginning of the sign. Should I consider him activated? Saturn rules my Ascendant and I'm still in L1, so probably should matter.

At the time Mars (if taken into account through rulership of Aries) will be transiting Pisces, Jupiter's rulership, trining himself (7th), my Sun (11th), and finally my Moon (7th).

Again, my main question is: will the switch to Pisces L3/4 first and then Pisces L2 ease the personal sphere in general?

I also tried profections. I just entered an Aries year (by Ascendant), Mars is activated again, he is transiting Capricorn and will conjunct my Ascendant soon. This doesn't sound bad to me. I mean, Mars natally rules my Sun, so I'm not exactly unaware of his influence and after Saturn drained my juices and made me check my body and soul, Mars will be refreshing (if I don't kill myself LOL). Saturn did, as usual, bring the positives and quite a few achievements, but I'v ehad enough for now. LOL

Will natal Mars in the 7th be activated by this too? Or is it the natal 4th house in Aries activated? Does this bring us to Jupiter in natal 4th again? I see a pattern here, both releasing and profections point at Mars, the 4th and possibly the 7th, right?

One thing that makes me uneasy is the natal opposition Jupiter/Mercury because Mercury rules the 5th and 6th.

That's all I managed to look at now, I left the Sun and Moon out for the time being (Sun is in Aquarius, Moon in Libra).

Thank you!
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