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The L2 Pisces period lasts till 26 December next year, or 12 thirty day months. so you have nearly a year of it. However it won't all be as strong as those times when you have a Pisces (or Sagittarius) Level 3 or Level 4 as well.

I'd certainly be interested in those early conversations, I'm not sure how to weight Brennan against Schmidt at this stage other than by looking at someone in detail and see which seems to be the more likely emphasis. I originally took the view that it was the Domicile ruler who should get the main emphasis (and to me that still sounds the more likely) So I'd like to check it against Brennan's observations.

If there are problems this time round, I'd think it was more to do with Jupiter transiting the eighth (and thus being out of contact with both the Ascendant and the third Place), the transit of Pisces by Mars (and it's continued activation in Aries) and to a lesser extent the Jupiter/Saturn square. I've not really looked for any other features, as those were the planets and periods that you mentioned.

The trines from Transiting Mars to natal Mars and to the Moon, will activate those planets, but in Pisces, it's a trine not a square. But don't forget these are coming in Aries, when Mars is still active plus the transit by conjunction of natal Jupiter and the square of transiting Mars to your natal Ascendant.

So there may be issues during the Pisces transit by Mars, but I don't think they are likely to be serious. The Aries transit is likely to be the more troublesome in theory - though I repeat, I haven't checked for other activity. I'm simply making a general comment on Mars transiting Pisces compared to Mars transiting Aries.

Jupiter is the benefic of sect, so if Schmidt is right there should be a general improvement in the background context of your life and the Pisces and Sagittarius periods should have a tendency to be better. all other things being equal. But remember you will have a meeting of Benefic of Sect v Out of Sect Malefic, when Mars enters Pisces, so even though Jupiter is stronger natally, Mars could still give some issues, especially when it moves into Aries.
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