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Back to it! I am moving slowly but surely with this deck. Everytime I pick up the box containing this beautiful deck, my heart thumps. And everytime I hold a card in my hands, I transcend from a state of simplicity to one of complex emotions.

This card is one example of how different the English version is to the original German burgundy version. Looking at the German edition brings out so much.

First, the HP herself. A bright light of energy floating over a half moon. Behind her is the third eye, which she seemingly controls. She is nestled in an alcove - the alcove is egg-shaped. Surrounding her are the four symbols of the Minor Arcana.

She controls all elements, even more so than the Magician. Above her is a foggy sky, behind her a starry sky framed by both a new moon or a full moon (or is this the sun? It appears it could be either. The ocean laps against the shore behind her as well.

The real beauty lies under her. The flames surround the cup, but other wispy figures appear to live within the flames as well. On the bottom right, one can make out two lovers, lost in passion. On the left there appears to be an oyster shell with a pearl shining brightly.

After the disappointment (to me) of the Magician, this card is one of perfection in my eyes. This HP stands not only for a higher power, but a protector of all things material.

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