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GoldenWolf....I would love to do the loteria cards and yes you can get/print most of the images. I have worked a lot with them and if there is interest will be happy to add them to one of the months....maybe February?

Just and FYI.....obviously we cannot get through every card in a deck in a month. This study is not necessarily set up to do is more of a discussion/topic/card questions/sharing thoughts about the deck of the month. There may be topic questions to focus our discussion and anyone can pose a topic question.

Another deck that is non-oracle (not originally created to be an oracle) is the Alice Playing can find them:

These are not for the faint of in other words they take some intuitive reading and thought. The cards have quotations on them and I read them in a couple different ways.

1. I read the card suit/number like in traditional cartomancy

2. I read the quotations and weave them into the answer.

On my blog I've worked my way up through the fours....but these are just my draft/beginning thoughts about the cards...there is so much more to explore..

We posted about these cards a few years back...but I bring them up as a unique and intriguing learning possibility. I'm not set on using them but if someone is interested in exploring outside of the "set" oracle decks this one is a good alternative. If there is interest, just let me know and I can add them to one of the months.
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