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Originally Posted by Thoughtful View Post
l have had a lovely email from Poppy, bless her she is still working on her cards. She is hoping to get a publisher for her deck. Apparently Schiffer have said that tarot in general are not selling well for them, so looks like they have declined. l am surprised at that. Poppy thanks everyone for their support and is very grateful and delighted for all the comments she receives. She has asked if anyone could perhaps recommend a publisher or give her some pointers.
Poppy looks at the forums and is so pleased that her work is receiving such appreciation. Unfortunately due to pain she cannot use her computer as much as she would like to reply, she has to save her typing and usage of the computer for working on her cards and book.

Bless you Poppy we are all behind you and hope that your wonderful Tarot gets the acclaim it deserves from a publisher
Thank you for letting us know!
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