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There are active study groups for Dusty's books here at AT for those of us who don't have local study partners...

"The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot - Ever!! by Dusty White - study group index"

"Advanced Tarot Secrets' by Dusty White study group index thread"

The more action on the threads, the more cool it will be!
Come join in!

I initially learned about Dusty's books because of this thread:
"If you had to choose only one book on learning the tarot, what would it be?"

I figured the 1st one would be just another beginner book with the same old definitions, so I just bought the Advanced Tarot Secrets. Well, now I ended up with both books because, when I started reading, it felt like I was starting in the middle of his program, and I was missing the full benefit.

Then I saw people here at AT doing the exercises, and that was the little push that inspired me.
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