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Originally Posted by LeiifA View Post
Hi Minderwiz,

I am only as far as page 7 but find this to be much more in-depth that the modern approach. Hellenistic methods give a why to Astrology that modern seems to lack. I was happy to see that there is still some activity at the end of the thread. Are you still taking sitters?

Best regards,

Congratulations on your first post. I do have some horary readings to do and I'm running behind on those. But I will certainly consider your request when I've completed those.

You will find that my understanding of some of the Hellenistic material changes and develops as you work your way through. That's because I used it as something of a learning exercise for myself. I'm still really at that stage so there's no guarantees of getting a 'perfect' reading.

One thing you might do as you work through is ask questions. Those will help you and also build up your posts on the site
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