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Druidcraft Study Group- Prince of Cups

I thought that since every one is busy doing holiday stuff and I am stuck here at work with really nothing to do (shhhh…don’t tell anyone) that I would go ahead and post the next card for our group, The Prince of Cups. TygrEyes hope you do not mind

In looking at the Prince of Cups, he really kind of reminds me of a Holy Grail Knight. He has a dreamer quality about him, as though he has been on a Quest for some time and still believes in the mission. The way he sits easily on his steed, relaxed and comfortable, it is almost as if he allows the horse to choose his own path. He seems as if he is holding his chalice before him as if to ask for guidance.

His clothes are of quality but have obviously seen better days, and are frayed. I love the richness of his clothes, the vibrant red of his tunic and the green of his cape. I cannot tell if that is sunset reflecting on his cape or if it just worn and dirty for his journey.

His expression seems very gentle, even perhaps a bit sad. It is a little hard to tell with his helmet on.

I notice that he has only one armband on his left arm. It is jeweled, and unlike the rest of his clothes, much better maintained. I was a bit surprised at his lack of footwear however, I would have thought that a Prince of his quality would have sported some sort of footwear, and not have been barefooted on his horse. He does not give the impression of being just on an evening ride; I would have thought boots would have been in order for a journey.

I may post more on this later.

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