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Originally Posted by Aein View Post
However, my question remains. Should we use meanings of the classic decks in Druidcraft? Or we must accept that it has its own interpretation and be inspired from the symbols on the cards and the meanings from the book...?
WELCOME to AT Aein!!!

There really is no "should" in Tarot. There is a structure, yes. Some people include numerology and the suits to help them read. You can think of each of the minor cards being in families under the Majors. For example, the Aces all being ruled by the Magician. Others just look at pictures and see what stands out in that particular reading.

You do what "feels" right to you. The book is simply there for guidance to inspire your own insight and intuition to read the cards. No book definitions are set in stone! The cards will change their meanings depending on what the reading is about, the other cards surrounding, etc.

Does this help you?

I have been studying a great TdM teacher. His wisdom is to ask 2 questions:
What is happening?
How does it feel?
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