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Thanks a lot Pam O. You helped a lot. To be honest, I usually interpret the cards intuitively. Taking some things from the book, looking the drawings and combining them with my inner feeling at the moment of the reading. I'm not so into orthologistic interpretations. However I want to expand my knowledge and have more clues when I'm trying to see something in the cards. On the other hand it's too difficult to read the cards for myself using just intuition, because I'm not so sure that I can be objective. I know that my questions may be a bit naive, but as I said, I'm new to this. And this thing between the classic decks and the Druidcraft still troubles me. I use to have some conversations with a friend and I see tha we disagree in a lot of things. She's having a Rider-Waite deck, and we spend lot of time arguing what the Fferyllt, or the Lovers mean for excample. And so, I thought that the problem is that theese two decks are different and you can't use interpratations from the one to another...
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