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Originally Posted by Aein View Post
Thanks a lot Pam O. You helped a lot. To be honest, I usually interpret the cards intuitively. Taking some things from the book, looking the drawings and combining them with my inner feeling at the moment of the reading.

....and we spend lot of time arguing what the Fferyllt, or the Lovers mean for excample. And so, I thought that the problem is that theese two decks are different and you can't use interpratations from the one to another...
Each spread, and each time a card is pulled can present a varied interpretation. Nothing is set in stone. One card does NOT just mean one thing! If it did, a computer could do a reading. But computer generated interpretations are very stifling because a computer does not have intuition to see when a particular symbol pops out in a card, or matching symbols between cards! Or how this card could influance that card one way in this reading, and a completely different way in that reading

Have you considered coming over and joining in some intuition expanding exercises using your deck? There are a variety of great book Study Groups offering really powerful opportunities to see the different angles buried in one cards.

21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card - Study Group index thread

The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot - Ever!! by Dusty White - study group index

Index of Study Groups

The bottom of this list offers quite a diverse listings you might not expect.

ETA: A key to reading for yourself is to focus on finding neutrality so you can "hear, " see", "feel" messages in ways you will not when you are not in neutrality. Finding neutrality is a super powerful exercise!
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