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Tarot 101, exercise 1.2

It can be used for people who are just curious or wanting to have an out of ordinary experience, that can at the same time slip in some words of wisdom. touch folks in a surprising way. Someone who is just beginning to become aware of this sort of thing, and wants to test the water.

For me where it really shines though is it's ability to provide guidance for the journey. It is a way to receive beneficial help for the journey. not from me, but more from the beneficial presence(s), that can speak through the pictures.

It can help us:
know ourselves better;
uncover what is causing unpleasant patterns in our lives.
make wiser choices.
It can deepen:
our own ability to receive guidance both within and without.
our intuition,
our link to the Sacred
our link to our personal Helpers, both within and without.

I'm sure i have missed some things, as I am new to using tarot, so look forward to hearing what others are seeing possible with this beautiful tool?
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