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I love Kim Huggens work. Thanks for starting this.

For myself, Tarot can be used for self-development and advice. It's very good at showing you a current situation and giving glimpses into future possibilities or trends -- but the future is always changeable. It can be used as a meditation tool for manifesting goals or bringing a sharpened sense of focus to my desires. It can be browsed through, just to relax and simply enjoy the artwork. It can be used for creative work -- storytelling and writing, especially. It can also provide insight into film and books I'm reading, historical figures, and even current events. Tarot can be used to explore my spirituality; it has an uncanny ability that allows me to get in touch with the Divine. On a lighter note, there are also games that can be played with Tarot.

For others, I can use Tarot for many of the things listed above, especially helping to empower people to feel better about their decisions, understand themselves and their relationships better, and to gain spiritual insight.
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