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For me, I use the Tarot as a tool for self-improvement, so I like to attract querents who enjoy learning. It is amazing how simply focusing intention can be so powerful. I like to figure out how I can better encourage desirable results, or explore how to take steps to discourage non-desirable situations that may show up.

Tarot is a tool I like to use to deepen my intuition, to see symbols, and to "read" the wisdom of symbols that pop out to me.

Often querants don't really know the power of the Tarot, so one thing I enjoy is showing them examples of powerful questions to ask the cards! Powerful Qs result in powerful answers. I let them know I do more advice readings than what is going to happen questions. I often give the example, "If you could ask your Spirit Self any question, that is a the kind of question I specialize in with the Tarot." I would rather use the Tarot as a tool, rather than to simply see a probable future.

I have often found that the more specific the Q, the more specific the Tarot's answer!

I really enjoy seeing the card that shows up to define the situation. I like using the Tarot to show the present. Sometimes there is such a wealth of info in that one simple position. The card that comes up here is often so enlightening.
- What is going on right now (regarding XYZ)?
- What path are we on? - What path are you on? - What path am I on?

When we see the card's view of a situation, we can get in and explore the details to better see, or understand, a strategy to get what is wanted easier.
- If those results we are trying for are even probable?
- Identifying any block(s) we might be hitting into? Sometimes we feel stuck, but we are not clear on why....
- Advice to overcome a hurdle?
- Or, advice as to how we can our adjust our sights, or goals, to dial in results we are targeting?
- Advice of what the most important thing to do now? What is the next step?

I also really enjoy the different decks that have different styles. Some are complex, others so simple. There are so many visual options available for the wide variety of decks out there, so many different art styles to discover deep wisdom...
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