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Tarot 101, exercise 1.3

I want to deepen my ability to have clear, easy communication with the myriad of helpers available to us in the Invisible realm, using my intuition and other inner senses. (want to deepen my use of these senses, rather than relying on intellect, outer sight so much.)

I want to help more people have a working relationship with Spirit that truly helps them.

I want to become proficient at the language of tarot, (learning from the cards rather than books) so that I can use a variety of cards to work with a person. I use the tarot deck as more art therapy and as an oracle. I have been fascinated by oracles, and explored many different methods, settling down with I Ching for a long time. Now am enjoying the use of tarot decks this way, in beautiful way. The cards come to life for me, more and more. and they seem to work better for other people too. than relying on words.

I also would love to make some new good friends, who also love this beautiful tool and want to explore it in depth, beyond the conventional approach. Will be so interesting to see how this evolves. I feel so blessed to be part of a community that has been exploring this, having courage to do this. Tarot's help is needed more than ever.
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