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Originally Posted by LeiifA View Post
Hi Minderwiz,

What does one do when a planet is in the last few degrees of a sign? Is the next sign looked at? In the "Whole Sign House" system this would also be the last signs of a place. What about in a quadrant system?

When using a quadrant system the same question can be related to the last degrees of a house, next house?

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As far as I can tell, the answer is that there is not any attention paid at all to the succeeding sign, unless the ruler of the sign in question is positioned there. That applies to the Whole Sign Houses, so there is no equivalent of the Medieval rule of allowing planets placed within five degrees from a house cusp to be treated as though they were in the next house.

The Hellenistic Astrologers did not use quadrant houses for topical issues, though in the latter part of the period the Whole Sign House position of the MC was taken into account. The use of quadrant houses for topical issues seems to have arisen some time in the late ninth or early tenth centuries, after the Hellenistic period was finished.
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