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right away, my eyes landed on poster in my room, a lush rainforest photo. It is mostly shades of green, with blue waterfall, stream.
What shape: rectangle like a window. or a tarot card.
Does it remind me of something else in my life? perhaps the lush way tarot is enriching my life.
and the waterfall, stream remind me of the beautiful flow of nourishing guidance that is possible to tap into through engaging with the cards. the multidimensional aspect of the cards, that beautiful moment when suddenly it becomes a fluid flow.

Does it remind me of a person? truthfully all of us, all of us are this wonderful lush forest and waterfall/stream of consciousness, mystery. multidimensional complex beings.

Does it remind me of a story I heard as a child? this one does not resonate with me so much.

Does it evoke a particular feeling? Love, joy, gratitude, awe.

Does it make me think of another item/image. I've already said this, tarot, people, all life.

Looking over this, does anything stand out for in particular? Everything I "see" has so much more depth and beauty when i take the time to really "see" it.
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