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Oh, you missed the "beautiful new Me" that emerged from the whole marriage situation, Minderwiz. While there is no doubt children are a great thing, I do consider ourselves and our ability to further grow and develop beautiful as well, and often more important.

Yes, we have discussed the trine Mars/Sun before, I was just wondering which planet you had in mind when writing about the square. I'm sorry you are experiencing difficulties with your health and wish you a great new year ahead.

We'll see how it will play out. One of the problems I have is that, having seen both my solar returns for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 + my progressions and solar arc for the period, I will never truly know if it was the Time Lords that played out. More likely a combination of a few very strong solar return points + significant progression events + rare solar arc aspect. Which brings me back to the "3 times confirmed" rule I've been looking for in most cases when dealing with charts.
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