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Originally Posted by LeiifA View Post
Chris Brennan recently released a Hellenistic Table of Planetary Rulerships . It can be found at:

I copy and pasted one together for my own studies but this is much clearer and all in one place.
It may be only me being tired but I see no difference in the degrees (1 degree here and there makes no case) with the Skyscript table (Ptolemy). He also didn't list the detriment and fall, which I use a lot but he did add the co-ruler, which is good. The rulers... the triplicity rulers... Dorothean? Venus having the water triplicity by day is Dorothean as far as I remember. May be some kind of compilation between the Skyscript one and this one would be perfection. LOL

P.S. I do think this is the Dorothean table at a second glance.
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