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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
It may be only me being tired but I see no difference in the degrees (1 degree here and there makes no case) with the Skyscript table (Ptolemy). He also didn't list the detriment and fall, which I use a lot but he did add the co-ruler, which is good. The rulers... the triplicity rulers... Dorothean? Venus having the water triplicity by day is Dorothean as far as I remember. May be some kind of compilation between the Skyscript one and this one would be perfection. LOL

P.S. I do think this is the Dorothean table at a second glance.
You are right about the Dorothean/Egyptian system but I think you are also right about being tired as he doesn't list co-rulers at all,

He does list :

Domicile (Sign) rulers as per the original system,
Exaltation rulers as per the original system
Triplicity (Trigon) rulers as per the original system, using a cooperating ruler
Bounds/Terms rulers as per the original system (Egyptian or Dorothean)
Face (Decan) rulers as per Chaldean order (starting with Mars in the first Face of Aries)

Ptolemy found (by his account) or created an alternative set of Terms or Bounds and these became very popular in Lilly's time. Hence they are the ones listed in Christian Astrology. Ptolemy also created a two ruler system of Triplicity rulers, which did make Mars the ruler of the Water Trigon by Day and Night and that too is found in Christian Astrology.

Although the Hellenistic Astrologers did use 'Exile' and 'Depression' for Detriment' and 'Fall' respectively, these don't seem quote as negative as they became in Mediaeval times, which isrobably why they are missing, though it might simply be because they can be easily derived by taking the opposite signs to a planets Domicile or Exaltation. The scoring system used by Lilly is also Mediaeval in origin.

Skyscript gives both Ptolomeic and Egyptian systems, though I think the latter set are buried away in an article, if I remember correctly.
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