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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
Within this thread, I'm not doing that, until and unless I com across a good text which suggests that latitudes were taken into serious account when judging aspects.

Latitude relates to a position North or South of the ecliptic, which is itself inclined to the Earth's equator. The use of latitude enables us to plot the position of a planet in the same way that ...
Again, Thanks for the reply. You said "Within this thread". Does that mean you do look at it elsewhere? If so, how far apart do they need to be before the aspect is weakened?

My other question along these lines is in regard to declination vs latitude and parallels. I understand that latitude is related to the ecliptic and declination is related to the equator. The image link is a screen grab of some of this mornings data at 9:43 in NY:

Parallels are related to declination. Why not latitude? When we look into the sky and 2 planets are conjunct will they be in the same place with latitude or declination? Maybe a conjunct isn't the best as I have a feeling with conjunct its both. What about a square, will they both pass at the same altitude in the same declination or same latitude?

I will send my data in the next day or 2 as I am trying to pin down a certain event that may help with understanding.
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