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Originally Posted by Celtictarot View Post
I am not sure if it should be here or not, but with my android tablet, I have bought 3 decks I wouldn't have been able to afford. I have the Bohemian Gothic app

I just look at the lovely decks and go, well, its only 2.59 per app for some tarot goodness and as Bohemian Gothic is out of my price range in the physical deck, the app is a lifeline to this beautiful deck. Bonefire Tarot just is made for my tablet!
I've played with the Bohemian Gothic App a few times since your original post.
What I do like about it is the "Carousel" or "Coverflow" card picker.
I've always gone with the cards spread out in a grid, e.g. 13x6

A new thread where we can discuss ideas, likes and dislikes in digital tarot would be a good place to talk about topics like this.

Since it's a copy of Apple's iTunes "Coverflow" (and looks like it uses the free open source software package "iCarousel" - google that word to see what I'm referring to) I may even consider adding it as an alternative card picker in the "Tarot & Numerology" App.

Of all the features of digital tarot the one most important feature of all, IMHO, is how the cards are selected. This is a topic I'd love to see being discussed. As I've already said, I'm more interested in how we, the Aeclectic Tarot, can help with evolving Tarot in the digital age.

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