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Iíve definitely been enabled by Tarot apps. I loved the Chrysalis app so much I ended up buying the physical deck, which I adore and use frequently. I will also buy the Hidden Realms and the Victorian Fairy decks (plus a few more, probably) as soon as money allows. (My purse is an echo-chamber just now, so thank goodness for iTunes gift cards. )

Iíd say Iíve also been enabled by apps to spend more time with tarot in general. In fact, they ended a tarot drought for me a couple years ago. Finding Foolís Dog apps made me bring my physical decks out of the closet, where theyíd been languishing for a few years, and start reading with them again. Now, I always have a deck with me, because I have physical decks at home and I always have my phone with me when I'm out. I do daily cards nearly every day now, because itís so easy to do with apps. And my deck collection is not only larger but more diverse now, because tarot apps opened my mind to new deck styles.

I have to say Iím with avalonian about Foolís Dog apps and why I love them (though I use iOS not Android). The idea of scanning a deck into my device just sounds painful to me. Note: TO ME. Obviously I donít speak for others!

Callanish: Iím going to try out Tarot & Numerology. Even though I doubt I'll ever scan my own decks into it, I'm still interested! Sounds cool.
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