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I want to start my reply by re-emphasizing that Hellenistic Astrologers did not see these characteristics as permanent in your life - they refer to discrete events, sometimes 'one offs', sometimes recurring at intervals and occasionally permanent.
That is comforting.

Also it would not be expected that all these examples would befall you but some of them should show up...... though 'well' might not be the best choice of words.
Certainly more than just some ... hence the "score reasonably well"

Quote: other people's work or even raise the child borne by another father.
Valens seemed to hit the mark there.

Did the accident occur when you were driving and were you in anyway responsible? I ask that because this could be the primary expression of the Saturn/Mars opposition in your life. Car accidents like all accidents are of the nature of Mars, as are wounds and traumas that spill blood. If you in anyway contributed to the accident then it would emphasise that twelfth house placement of bringing harm or loss on yourself.
Certainly seems like 12th house as I was driving and it was totally my fault. Had been to a party and left intoxicated at 2 AM. Pulled over to sleep it off about 20 minutes from the party and don't remember waking at 7 AM and driving a couple miles further down the road where I crashed into a power pole. There was blood and bruising.

The harm through travelling is a clear reference to the twelfth house placement. So this, possibly along with the car accident could be the sole major expressions of Saturn in the twelfth in your life. Clearly the effects of the vaccines are still with you The car accident might no longer effect you but it does not lose relevance because of that. As Mars is in the sixth it does bring something of disease or illness problems. Was that trip in anyway connected with work?
The car accident is still affecting my life as I had major tooth damage and every 5 to 10 years another tooth acts up. The overseas trip was not connected with work.

Again I would stress that these conditions would not be seen as a constant in Hellenistic Astrology but would certainly manifest either once, in which case it would be serious, or on several occasions.
I definitely like this statement ... as you can imagine with my chart.

The relationships point is a good one. We've been together, now for 39 years, and Saturn rules my seventh Place, through Aquarius.
Saturn does have a stabilizing affect. Congratulations on the long-lived relationship. They are becoming rare.
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