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Originally Posted by Le Fanu View Post
I think he's the only tarot artist whose work I love unreservedly and who makes me go yes yes yes yes. If he said he was doing an angel-crystal-anyone-can-be-a-shaman deck, I would love it even before I saw any cards.

His hand is just magic. This has a slightly Jane Austen atmosphere for me. I can imagine the Dashwood sisters laying it out after a little pianoforte and piquet.
I just thought of my old British classics as well! I hope the whole deck will keep this air of old fashioned elegance!

But with that name, I expected something more "textile"... but maybe it's just the deceiving first look and the deck will have a textile structure after all. At least the teaser pic which was in place of the two cards before did look like a piece of cloth.
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