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the artist has kindly responded via facebook which I will share here:
(1) Iíve only recently started working on the deck, so please donít expect it to be released any time soon. Itís a major project for me which I expect to take several months to complete. Iím hoping to have the deck complete by the summer, but obviously everything depends on how things progress. For the present, Iíll be alternating between this and my other (not quite yet finished) project, the Chelsea Lenormand.

(2) This is a new concept and isnít (intentionally) related to the Tyldwick Tarot, or to any of my other decks.

(3) The deck will be Ė broadly Ė Thoth based. I say broadly, as there will doubtless be areas in which my own original ideas affect how specific cards turn out.
I grinning...Soon! How long did some of us linger on the vine waiting for Mary-El, Gaian...etc.
Soon! and Thothish! Life is good.

a tease of the 2
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