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Originally Posted by Farzon View Post
I love the two of pentacles!
There's again this small item box on the top! And a chameleon and a dragonfly are great symbols for "harmonious change"! [emoji1]

Do these animals hold any magical/astrological attributions?

This is what I am beginning to love about this guy's work. He has stated that everything has meaning "All the scenes and symbols on each card were deliberately chosen to reflect my own impressions of that card. Throughout the deck, no images were selected or used without meaning: the cards arenít random collages. I took inspiration from kaleidoscopes, geometry, architectural patterns, codes, and the languages of flowers and colour." So it's rather a beautiful puzzle, much like Myst, where looking things up WILL get you a deeper meanings. I'm already keeping a notebook on it while it's in development so that I have a base when the deck comes out.
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