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Rulers of the Places and Lots - Triplicity Rulers Of The Sect Light

The chart is nocturnal so the Sect Light is the Moon. The Moon is in the Eleventh Place, in Sagittarius, so its Triplicity Rulers are Jupiter and The Sun with Saturn as the co-operating ruler. The Triplicity of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius is a diurnal one, indeed the most diurnal one, so this weakens the placing of the Moon compared with being in the Earth or Water Triplicities. However both Jupiter and the Sun are in angular places, with Jupiter in the Ascendant and the Sun in the fourth or Subterranean Place.

These placements suggest stability, fortune and possibly eminence, though of a moderate nature, because of the Sect placements. It is reduced still further, as Saturn is the co-operating ruler and is in a declining place, the Twelfth and reduced even more in the first part of life as Saturn is Jupiterís domicile ruler and is itself badly placed. Valens hints that such a placement of the domicile ruler can undo the good placement of the Triplicity Lord.

The Sunís domicile ruler is Venus, which is placed in a post Ascensional, or Succedent Place. So the second part of life should be a little more stable and fortunate than the first.

Saturnís domicile ruler is itself, and it is in a decline or cadent place. Saturn is not a triplicity lord for the Earth Triplicity, so it is not even in its own Triplicity (which is the case for Jupiter, as it is the co-operating ruler for the Air Triplicity).

Valens uses the Triplicity Lords along with other techniques, so itís important to realise that the Domicile Ruler of the Hour Marker, and the two Lots have to be considered and integrated. The Lots of Basis and Exaltation may also indicate mitigating factors when reaching a conclusion of the overall status of the nativity.

So far I have looked at the Domicle Lord of the Ascendant and the two lots in the previous posts. This post has covered the Triplicity rulers. Iím not sure whether the Lots of Basis and Exaltation are needed because of the good placement of the Triplicity Lords (apart from Saturn) but I will briefly mention them.

The Lot of Basis is calculated as:

Ascendant + Fortune - Spirit

So itís value depends on the two Lots that have already been covered. In this case the Lot of Basis lies in Taurus at just under 12 degrees and is conjunct with the Sun at 13 degrees 32 and Mercury at 16 degrees. It is Angular and ruled by the Benefic of Sect, though Venus is squared by Saturn. This lot is used to support the general happiness and prosperity of the native. If it connects with the Lots of Spirit and Fortune and their rulers then that is testimony to support happiness and prosperity. In this case Basis connects to by Trine to the Lot of Spirit and it is conjunct Mercury (which rules both lots) but it is averse to the Lot of Fortune, being in the twelfth place relative to it. This seems to be positive testimony but not at the highest level. Still it is better than being indifferent or even showing a negative connection.

The Lot of Exaltation is calculated as:

Ascendant + Exaltation degree of the Sect Light - Sect Light, or in this case:

Ascendant + 3 degrees Taurus - Moon

This Lot is placed at 16 degrees Gemini, in the Fifth Place and being ruled by Mercury. It is in a Post Ascensional or Succedent place, and therefore is in a moderate situation relative to the Ascendant. It is averse to the Lot of Basis but is co-present with the Lot of Fortune, which is a good sign and squares the Lot of Spirit (being in a Ninth Place relationship to it. It is averse to Mercury which rules both Lots and is sextile to Venus, which rules the Lot of Basis. Again this seems to be marginally positive, though as Basis depends on Fortune and Spirit, then it may be neutral or slightly positive rather than strongly positive.

Overall these techniques suggest that there are positive factors that mitigate the effect of Satun as the Domicile Ruler of the Ascendant. This now allows me to move on to those topics requested.
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