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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
The Lot of Fortune

... It lies in Gemini in the fifth Place. It is therefore ruled by Mercury. The two Places that are the subject of the topical analysis are the Tenth Place (Career) and the Fourth Place (Home and Family). Both these places are important ones in the chart but both are averse to the Lot itself. Mercury is configured to the Tenth by an Opposition and is situated in the Fourth Place. So aversion of the Lot to the Places is, at least in part, balanced by the Lot ruler being configured to both places.

Mercury is configured to the Ascendant, as is the Lot, so according to Schmidtís nautical metaphor, Mercury should be able to see the opportunities and threats coming and therefore indicate that you are not constantly reacting to things but can plan ahead. Iím not sure how much this will be reduced by Mercuryís current phase of being under the beams but everything else for Mercury is quite positive. So Iím suggesting that it might not perform to what it should do if unhampered by the beams but it will still yield a positive signification.
I am certainly open to the fact that parts of this are accurate but I still question if the time is accurate. The middle paragraphs are not going to change regardless. The first paragraph about the lot would be totally different if I were actually born 10 minutes later. The last paragraph is so off the mark that my suspicions are amplified. I am constantly reacting to things and I do not see opportunities or threats clearly. Whether this is due to other areas of the chart or being under the beams I do not know but it is not accurate. I do wish it were.

Maybe you could look at a couple of the events with ZR to see if they fit the 2AM time or if they fit a bit later better. I think that the ZR would be totally different because of the sign change.

I am trying to digest the Spirit part but it would change also.
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