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Mercury's condition might be the answer

Thanks for your feedback.

My issue, as I said in the post, was the extent to which Mercury under the beams offsets the positive placement according to Schmidt's Nautical Metaphor. I think what is wrong is my conclusion that something positive must remain (i.e. the metaphor is stronger) rather than take what I would have described in a horary is an inability to see things coming. From your description, that is what in fact happens and I think the state of being under the beams outweights the metaphor, possibly by quite a lot. I posted that I had doubts about the accuracy of the metaphor earlier, and I think that has been substantiated.

As Mercury also rules Spirit, the same thing should apply there. The Lot itself is badly placed in the eighth though Mercury trines it. So that would suggest that your attempted actions also tend to be too little or too late, or you have difficulty in seeing what needs doing. So let me know how that fits.

If we advance your birth time ten minutes, the Moon takes over as ruler of the Lot of Fortune. The is well placed in the eleventh. That is not as strong a position as the fourth but it is reasonable and sextiles the Ascendant. The Moon would also be averse to the Lot of Fortune in Cancer, so there's some difficulty there but no worse than Mercury being averse to the Gemini Lot. The Moon is averse to both malefics, and sextiles Jupiter. There's no question of the Moon being under the beams, though it is just past the Full Moon, in Scorpio, which proceeded your birth, so the Moon is now waning, though still bright.

Venus would take over as ruler of the Lot of Spirit, which is now in Libra and would be in an opposition to the Lot. Now placed in the ninth, the Lot would trine the Ascendant and be in a very close applying trine to Saturn, the Ascendant ruler, though by Sign it would still be a square. Either way it is now configured to the Ascendant ruler as well as the Ascendant. The downside is the overcoming Square between Saturn and Venus which might well greatly weaken that, otherwise strong, configuration.

To me Mercury looks the better bet as ruler of Fortune, which would also make it ruler of the Lot of Spirit, given your description. I agree, though, that it might well be worth looking at the ZR data to see which fits better. So I think we skip the topics for the time being and look at those next.

Incidently the change in Lot rulerships would not affect the Triplicity Rulers of the Sect Light, nor would it affect the Lot of exaltation in terms of calculation but it would configure that Lot to Spirit, Venus and the Moon, though not to Fortune.

The Lot of Basis would not change sign or ruler, though its configuration to Fortune would change to a sextile. It would now no longer be configured to the ruler of Fortune (the Moon) or to the Lot of Spirit or to Spirit's ruler, nor to the Lot of Exaltation but it would be configured to its ruler.

So rather than speculate too much let's look at those ZR events.
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