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Originally Posted by LeiifA View Post
Is this a general statement or specific to my chart?
It's general and applies to all nativity charts

Originally Posted by LeiifA
So the eighth (if it is indeed there) is not well placed but the configurations are favorable? Positive actions ... in building a home and family? Well, I am currently in an apartment and my wife's children all move away about 20 years ago. I have the skillset to build a home but lack the resources currently. My family consist of myself and my partner of 30 years. If I don't become less dense that could be in jeopardy also.
Yes, the eighth is not a favourable place. But the configurations are rather favourable, as the Lot of Spirit is angular to the Lot of Fortune, which Valens sees as being positive (though it would be better actually with the Lot of Fortune or in the tenth place from it.) However the eighth place relative to the Ascendant is not doing it any favours at all and if I have to reduce the effectiveness of Mercury in relation to Fortune because it is under the beams (within 15 degrees of the Sun), then I have to apply the same to Spirit.

Originally Posted by LeiifA
This is an area that is fraught with trouble. When I was doing home repair customers would like me enough to treat me like family. However that had the downside that it also made it so they thought I should do extra work and charge less than someone else. When I was not doing extra they resented that. For some reason when it came down to writing checks for my work they thought I should give them a break even though there was no question if they paid the HVAC guy or the plumber. This was not 100% of the time but more than would be expected.


Originally Posted by LeiifA
Mostly I made things worse by not being the best at estimating costs. My work quality was always good but my estimates were usually for best case and that rarely happens in construction. Another way I made things worse was getting in too much like family as stated above.
That might be because your second house of finance is ruled by Jupiter Retrograde in your first and also the second house opposes your Lot of Spirit (assuming the Lot is in the eighth and not the ninth)
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