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The double spiral on the stones behind the Princess had me curious, as Sulis mentioned above spirals are often found on ceremonial sites, tombs, monuments etc, so went digging through some of my links and found a couple on the spirals and also some of the other celtic designs which might be of interest.

As mentioned in the last link above, the double spiral is sometimes used to represent equinoxes, when days and night are of equal length. So this got me thinking as Pentacles = Earth = Winter - could this be representing the winter solstice perhaps?

In regards to the Princess herself, I also noticed as others have mentioned above, that she seems to be the youngest of all the princesses and the most down to earth looking. Even her gown is of a much more practical and basic cut and design compared to the others. Also great observation Sulis in regards to the square pattern on her gown, it never occurred to me but makes absolute sense for her.

Also looking at the background sky in the image, is the yellow light on the horizon perhaps depicting the early morning glow of a sun rise, as the higher sky is quite dark like of night / early morning.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working through the Princesses in this deck and look forward to reading the threads on the Princes later.

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