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What Are You Currently Reading?

I know people are often asking, what is you favorite tarot book, or what would you recommend, but I thought I'd ask, what tarot (or related) books are you reading currently? Or most recently?

I just finished reading The Authentic Tarot, by Thomas Saunders. I picked it up as I'm currently learning TdM, and it's one of the few in the forum index I haven't read yet.

It was okay. I enjoyed his discussions of the history and symbolism, but I think he spends too large a chunk of the short book on a philosophy of the tarot. Not bad, just sort of in the middle for me.

I am now reading Lee Bursten's Marseilles Tarot Companion, for which I bought a deck that I didn't really want in order to get, as it only comes in a box set. A slim volume, but packed with good stuff so far it seems, and it passes my "doesn't claim mysterious Egyptian origins" litmus test.

What are you reading?

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