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I was hoping for something more interesting but my eyes fell upon a simple ceramic mug. It's a freebie my husband received at one of his conferences, so I suppose it's his mug but I'm the only one that actually uses it. It has "Sodexo" printed on the side, the lone adornment, a stark white against the deep blue. I dislike carrying it by its slender handle so I usually just cup it in my hands. I like the weight of it, and the way the gentle slope at the bottom fits snuggly against my palms. Lately though I've been using a different mug my husband got me, so old blue has been relegated to "keeper of old tea bags and dirty teaspoons". When my favored mug is unavailable, and my second choice is nowhere to be found, it's there for me like loose change under the couch cushion. I know it's there, I'm too lazy to get it when I don't need it, but when I do need it oh what a life saver! That reminds me, I need more tea.

Ode to old blue

In the back sits the bluest mug
A mug among many in the cupboards
The sink is full of dirty dishes
and my idle hands refuse them
But tea awaits in the pot
Lo! Old blue in the back remembered
The holy grail, vessel of ambrosia
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